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Access Control Featuring Biometrics and Card Access
Access control systems let you control who can unlock doors and gain entry to specific locations by person, day of the week, and time of day. PTI can install card access systems or biometric devices in your Pocono Mountain business that are effective, convenient, and discreet and minimize impact on a location's design without sacrificing security. Access control systems have several advantages over keyed locks:

*With keys, access is all or nothing. Any employee with a key can open a door any time of day or night. With access control, you decide when the doors can be used and by whom.

*If a key is lost or an employee leaves, your security is severely compromised unless you re-key all of your locks. With card access, you simply tell the system to disable the card in question. All other cards will continue to work properly.

*Keys can be duplicated. You have no way of tracking who has a key. Access cards cannot be copied.

*Keys are anonymous. Access control systems create a detailed audit trail so you know exactly whose card opened a door and when. Your employees know this, too, which discourages inappropriate behavior.

*If an employee's access needs change, their access card can be quickly reprogrammed. Or, if an employee leaves, you can give that card to a new employee and all the needed access rights will be reflected on the card.

*With access control, one card unlocks every door an employee is allowed to open. There's no need for separate keys for each lock.

*Biometric access control adds an extra level of security. Biometrics is usually in the form of a thumb print reader in conjunction with an access card. An employee would have to scan their card and provide their thumb print to gain access through a particular door. It is possible to setup a door where only a thumb print is necessary. Biometric access prevents the employee from lending their access card to another.


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